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Helen Adams Realty
MLS# 3077839 | Under Contract

Price: $1,845,000
3722 Waxhaw Marvin Road Waxhaw, NC 28173
5 bedroom, 5.2 bath • 6207 sqft
Carolina's Realty Source
MLS# 3154982 | Active

Price: $1,150,000
1608 Funny Cide Drive Waxhaw, NC 28173
5 bedroom, 5.1 bath • 6200 sqft
Neighborhood: Providence Downs South
Katherine Mazoyer Realty
MLS# 3146975 | Active

Price: $1,100,000
802 Capington Lane Waxhaw, NC 28173
5 bedroom, 5.1 bath • 6063 sqft
Neighborhood: Innisbrook at Firethorne
John Kelly Realty, LLC
MLS# 3147637 | Active

Price: $1,355,000
10033 Strike The Gold Lane Waxhaw, NC 28173
6 bedroom, 6.2 bath • 9030 sqft
Neighborhood: Providence Downs South
Premier Sothebys International
MLS# 3117133 | Active

Price: $1,999,000
936 Baron Road Waxhaw, NC 28173
5 bedroom, 3.2 bath • 6656 sqft
Neighborhood: Aero Plantation
Nestlewood Realty, LLC
MLS# 3127414 | Under Contract

Price: $1,125,000
9807 Aristides Drive Waxhaw, NC 28173
4 bedroom, 4.1 bath • 5595 sqft
Neighborhood: Providence Downs South
The Real Estate Link
MLS# 3099373 | Active

Price: $1,659,000
8712 Longview Club Drive Waxhaw, NC 28173
5 bedroom, 5.1 bath • 7220 sqft
Neighborhood: Longview
Keller Williams Ballantyne Area
MLS# 3150189 | Active

Price: $1,250,000
7917 Skye Knoll Drive Waxhaw, NC 28173
5 bedroom, 3.2 bath • 5378 sqft
Neighborhood: Skyecroft

Waxhaw Real Estate

Welcome to Waxhaw Real Estate and Homes.  If you are looking for more information on Waxhaw Neighborhoods then you have found the right web site.  If you are looking for generation information on what Charlotte has to offer please visit our main site on Charlotte Real Estate.

Located in Union county, North Carolina, Waxhaw is an example of a picture-perfect town in America. The town gets its name from the Waxhaw Indians, a tribe of Native Americans who have resided in the area.  Though trading has been a common activity in the area, it has only prospered upon the arrival of the railroad system.  Many years later, the town still has a busy economy.

However, instead of just cotton, different types of industries are now flourishing in Waxhaw. Waxhaw has a lot of space and prime land suitable for setting up your own business or for settling in.  Despite the quaint town demeanor, Waxhaw actually has a population of about 7,600 inhabitants as of 2008 so one wouldn't be without modern comforts and facilities.  People working in Charlotte can also build their homes and families in this town.

What makes Waxhaw, NC Special?

Waxhaw is notable for being a town that has retained its charm despite being a fast expanding town. Modern buildings and public facilities are complemented by charming old houses scattered throughout the town. Waxhaw residents and the local government are currently implementing beautification procedures for the town.  These improvements along with the fine points that are already present in the town make Waxhaw an ideal place to settle in.  The town of Waxhaw is considered a suburb of the city of Charlotte which is just a short distance away.

Waxhaw Real Estate and Homes - History

The town's name takes after the tribe of Native Americans who settled around the area. The Waxhaws were a tribe of Native Americans that stayed and traded with other tribes in the Carolinas.  Waxhaws were purported to flatten the top of their heads from infancy.  However, the tribe of the Waxhaws were almost wiped out in 1715 by the Yamasee War and by disease.

In the 1740s, Scotts, Irish, and other European settlers arrived in the area to establish a settlement.  The land was fertile then and trade was made easy by the proximity of Catawba River and a main trading trail. However, the town prospered more when in the 1800s, the railroad system passed through Waxhaw on its way to Atlanta.

As with other early towns in this region, Waxhaw also profited very much from the rich crop of cotton from the fields surrounding the area.  Despite bringing the town and most of the region wealth, cotton eventually fell out of favor.

Currently, the town of Waxhaw is still in a financial high due to the many industries that flourish. Waxhaw is now a town favored for the various establishments offering fine dining, antiques, and other specialty needs. The town is also an ideal place for families as Waxhaw has an extensive education network that caters to students of the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  Tertiary education can be had in colleges and universities in Charlotte and other nearby towns.

Waxhaw Real Estate and Homes - Landmarks and Attractions

Waxhaw festivals are something to look forward to as the town celebrates many of them in their own special way.  The onset of the fall season is celebrated by the Autumn Treasures festival.  Christmas is also a well-celebrated event as a parade is organized.  However, the most notable holiday that the town celebrates in their own style is Independence Day.  Outrageous floats make the circuit of the town in the Fourth of July Parade held by the people of Waxhaw.

There are also places of interest in Waxhaw.  Since the town has a rich history of Native American culture, the Museum of the Waxhaws is a good place to learn more about this part of the town's history. Andrew Jackson, the 7th US President, is probably the most famous native of the town, having born in Waxhaw in 1767.  The Andrew Jackson Memorial showcases the life of Andrew Jackson and a comprehensive history of the town as well.

Waxhaw Real Estate and Homes - Other Interesting Information

The Waxhaw Historic District is also a notable area in town where charming old homes and structures dating from the early years of the town can be found.  The town park is also located nearby, where tourists and locals can while their time away.  Nearby Cane Creek Park is also a local attraction where locals and tourists can enjoy a day filled with activities.  Several business establishments have flourished in Waxhaw over the years.

Waxhaw Real Estate and Homes

Though the cotton industry is no longer as strong as it once was in the early years of the town, Waxhaw still has a lot of land and space ideal for building an industry or a business.  Waxhaw is also a town where establishments flourish and anyone who wants to embark on a venture can take a look at Waxhaw Real Estate.

The small town with modern facilities charm of Waxhaw makes it an ideal place for people looking to start a family, relocate, or even retire in. There are many of real estate and housing options in Waxhaw that one can check out.  New housing options can also be found in certain parts of the city such as in the NC 75 East & West of Waxhaw, and near Hwy 16 North of Waxhaw.