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Pulte Home Corporation
MLS# 3150668 | Active

Price: $399,900
2111 Meadowside Drive Pineville, NC 28134
4 bedroom, 4 bath • 2996 sqft
Neighborhood: Mccullough
TLS Realty LLC
MLS# 3141302 | Under Contract

Price: $247,770
10215 Sam Meeks Road Pineville, NC 28134
4 bedroom, 2.1 bath • 2151 sqft
Neighborhood: Parkway Crossing
Allen Tate Company
MLS# 3133638 | Active

Price: $379,900
12107 Village View Way Pineville, NC 28134
4 bedroom, 3 bath • 2931 sqft
Neighborhood: Mccullough
RE/MAX Metro Realty
MLS# 3147554 | Under Contract

Price: $275,000
14508 Green Birch Drive Pineville, NC 28134
5 bedroom, 4.1 bath • 3382 sqft
Neighborhood: Carolina Village
RE/MAX Metrolina
MLS# 3106816 | Under Contract

Price: $179,900
14700 Peridot Court Pineville, NC 28134
4 bedroom, 2 bath • 2012 sqft
Neighborhood: Woodside Falls
Wilkinson ERA Real Estate
MLS# 3155611 | Under Contract

Price: $179,900
103 Juanita Drive Pineville, NC 28134
3 bedroom, 2.1 bath • 2013 sqft
My Townhome
MLS# 3150033 | Active

Price: $187,000
412 Ridgely Green Drive Pineville, NC 28134
2 bedroom, 2 bath • 1531 sqft
Neighborhood: Ridgely
Wieland Realty LLC
MLS# 3084161 | Under Contract

Price: $410,927
12114 Village View Way Pineville, NC 28134
4 bedroom, 3 bath • 3010 sqft
Neighborhood: Mccullough

Pineville Real Estate

Welcome to Pineville Real Estate and Homes.  If you are looking for more information on Pineville Neighborhoods then you have found the right web site.  If you are looking for general information on what Charlotte has to offer please visit our main site on Charlotte Real Estate.

Majestic and beautiful pine trees aren't the only things that can be found in the town of Pineville.  Situated between Charlotte, North Carolina and York County, South Carolina, this town has grown vastly through the years thanks to the freeway and the various connecting roads that have made travel and commerce easier and faster.  Today, the town boasts of a highly-competitive economy and is home to various establishments that cater to the residents.

However, despite being industrialized and outfitted with modern conveniences, Pineville still has the signature southern hospitality and flavor inherent to the region. Though Pineville is considered as an urban sprawl, real estate and housing isn't that hard to come by.  The town invites many investors and individuals looking for a suitable place to settle in to take a look and consider making their homes in Pineville.

What Makes Pineville, NC Special?

Pineville is a town of modern comforts but still retains its old-world charm.  Pineville is marked by the rich culture of its Native American history.  Another historical event that touched the lives of many Pineville residents were the years of conflict between the north and the south.  Now, the town is a peaceful settlement with a rapidly growing economy and an ideal atmosphere for industrial and residential purposes.

Though Pineville's location was profitable during the early trading days with the Native Americans, at present, the town is still at the heart of many important roads.  Pineville is located at the many crossroads of various major highways and thoroughfares.  One major thoroughfare, Interstate 485, was constructed to provide a faster and more convenient way to divert traffic from Charlotte.  However, it passes right through the town.

Pineville Real Estate and Homes - History

The trading history of the town has long been established even before white settlers arrived, being situated between two major Native American trails.  The first of the trails were used by the Catawba Indians, as it led westward to the Catawba region.  The other trail came from the region inhabited by the Waxhaw Indians and was better known as the Trading Route. This trail eventually became the start of Highway 21, a colonial road that led to greater achievements in trade and industry.

The close proximity of the Big and Little Sugar Creeks made commerce for different tribes of Native Americans easy and convenient.  In particular, the Sugaree Indians, who were almost rubbed out by the more aggressive Cherokee Indians, were the ones who traded and stayed in the Sugar Creek areas.  The Sugarees were a peaceable tribe and were not hostile even to white settlers who came to the area.

White settlers eventually found their way to the area and established settlements.  One of the first settlers of the land was Thomas Polk, whose brother Ezekiel was the grandfather of James K. Polk, born in the settlement in 1795.  James K. Polk eventually went on to become the 11th President of the United States.  The town was named Pineville in 1852 after the many strong and fragrant pine trees that grew in abundance in the area.

 In 1873, the town was finally incorporated as a municipality.  What started out as a scraggly settlement of a few pioneers was by the 1900s a 585-strong town that boasted of two saloons, ten shops, and produced an approximately 6,000 bales of cotton from the then thriving farms around the area.  Even back then, many people knew about the potential of the town of Pineville.

Pineville Real Estate and Homes - Landmarks and Attractions

Pineville is a place that boasts of many landmarks and attractions that local residents are proud of. The 11th President of the United States James Polk was born and raised in Pineville, North Carolina.  In this town, tourists can visit the James Polk Home located on the 150-acre farmland that belonged to the president's ancestors.  On this farm, James K. Polk spent most of his childhood years.  Visitors can learn about the portion of US history under President Polk through the monuments and tours conducted by volunteers in period dress.

Another prime location that draws in crowds of tourists and even locals is the famous 1.1 million square feet retail space that is the Carolina Place Mall.  Built on one of the many large parcels of unused lands around town, the Carolina Place Mall is the prime destination for those looking for more than just “retail therapy.”  Visitors and locals also frequent the two power centers, various strip malls, and other retail establishments scattered throughout town.

Pineville Real Estate and Homes - Other Interesting Information

Attractions and other places of interest found in the city of Charlotte can easily be accessed by people staying in Pineville.  The McDowell Nature Center and Preserve and the Charlotte Museum of History are just a few of the places in Charlotte that visitors staying in Pineville can also visit.

Pineville Real Estate and Homes at Pineville

Pineville is a town ripe for business and for residence as approximately 8 million square feet of retail space found in town have been put up for sale or lease.  Those looking for a place to start a business can purchase real estate or spaces for retail in town.  Located near Charlotte, Pineville is also an ideal place to build one's residence in as many areas in town are ideal for this purpose.