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Clickit Realty
MLS# 3138758 | Active

Price: $1,999,999
139 Shelbourne Place Mooresville, NC 28117
6 bedroom, 5.1 bath • 6772 sqft
Neighborhood: The Point
Southern Homes of the Carolinas
MLS# 3126207 | Active

Price: $1,749,000
428 Stonemarker Road Mooresville, NC 28117
4 bedroom, 4.1 bath • 5342 sqft
The Firm Real Estate
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Price: $2,199,999
320 Greenbay Road Mooresville, NC 28117
4 bedroom, 4 bath • 5548 sqft
Southern Homes of the Carolinas
MLS# 3157983 | Active

Price: $1,475,000
126 Broad Sound Place Mooresville, NC 28117
5 bedroom, 5.1 bath • 7786 sqft
Neighborhood: The Point
Vision Group Realty
MLS# 3066753 | Active

Price: $3,795,000
173 Rehoboth Lane Mooresville, NC 28117
5 bedroom, 5.3 bath • 8810 sqft
Neighborhood: The Point
Lawrie Lawrence Real Estate
MLS# 3141244 | Active

Price: $2,799,000
102 Eastham Court Mooresville, NC 28117
5 bedroom, 6.2 bath • 8570 sqft
Neighborhood: The Point
Keller Williams Mooresville
MLS# 3140085 | Active

Price: $1,620,000
444 Bay Harbour Road Mooresville, NC 28117
4 bedroom, 3.1 bath • 5134 sqft
Neighborhood: The Harbour at the Pointe
The Charlotte Real Estate Firm
MLS# 3136418 | Active

Price: $1,399,900
142 Oasis Lane Mooresville, NC 28117
6 bedroom, 6.1 bath • 11978 sqft
Neighborhood: Stutts Cove

Mooresville Real Estate

Welcome to Mooresville Real Estate and Homes.  If you are looking for more information on Mooresville Neighborhoods then you have found the right web site.  If you are looking for general information on what Charlotte has to offer please visit our main site on Charlotte Real Estate.

The town of Mooresville is located at the southern tip of Iredell County, in North Carolina.  Sitting at the edge of the border between Iredell County and Mecklenburg County, Mooresville has a prime location that would suit anyone who wants to move to the Charlotte area. With its small-town charm, Mooresville attracts visitors and potential buyers of Mooresville real estate from all around the world.  Mooresville has been making strong progress towards becoming one of the most desirable places to live in the metropolitan area.


What makes Mooresville, NC Special?

Mooresville is a small town that has a great location.  Laying just outside the Mecklenburg County limits, Mooresville is a great place to live in for anyone who wants easy access to cities such as Gastonia and Charlotte.  One of the advantages of living in Mooresville is that people can avoid the fast-paced lifestyle of big cities, while still having access to the amenities and benefits that such cities have to offer. Since the town is only 25 miles north of Uptown Charlotte, Mooresville residents can easily commute to the city for their jobs or just to enjoy everything that the bustling city has to offer. Some of the other municipalities around Mooresville include Kannapolis to the east, Cornelius to the south, and Statesville to the north.
Another great aspect of Mooresville's location is its proximity to Lake Norman.  Lake Norman is a man-made lake that provides hydroelectric energy to the surrounding areas.  Aside from generating power with its hydroelectric dam, Lake Norman also serves as a beautiful outdoor location where people can go to enjoy water activities and outdoor activities, or to just revel in the breathtaking views that the lake and its surroundings have to offer.  The creation of Lake Norman also led to the creation of valuable Mooresville homes along the lakeside.

Mooresville Real Estate and Homes - History

During the 1800s, railroad companies began the construction on a number of tracks that passed through what is known today as Charlotte.  At the time, the region was dotted by plantations, farms, and mills that generated much of the area's economy.  When the railroads were completed, they connected numerous major settlements, towns, and cities.  The railroads helped to improve the economy in the area, allowing communities along the tracks to prosper and flourish.  One such community was the small settlement in the area known today as Mooresville.
When the tracks came to the area of Mooresville in 1856, a man by the name of John Franklin Moore and his family made some donations that would be a crucial step towards the development of a new town.  The Moores had a rather large plantation that sat along the path that the railroad tracks were supposed to cross.  Instead of selling the land to the railroad companies to make profit, the Moores decided to donate portions of their land to allow for the tracks to be built there.  The land that the Moores donated was used as the site of a new depot, a cotton weighing station, and a plot of land to welcome new settlers.  From then on, the town was named Moore's Siding in recognition of the family's generous donations.
In 1873, the town's name was changed to Mooresville and it was finally incorporated.  Since being incorporated, the town has experienced slow-paced development, unlike the neighboring city of Charlotte, which was booming.  Like many other North Carolina towns and cities, Mooresville's economy was centered around the textile industry.

As the town continued to develop throughout the 1900s, it would start to veer away from the textile and furniture industries.  Since the increased development in Charlotte in the 1980s, Mooresville was normally considered as just another suburb of Charlotte.  Today, however, Mooresville is making a name for itself as “Race City, USA,” because of the numerous NASCAR teams and companies that call the small town home. The town continues to develop and mature into a reputable town with a varied selection of Mooresville real estate.

Mooresville Real Estate and Homes -  Landmarks and Attractions

Perhaps the biggest landmark and attraction of Mooresville is Lake Norman, which is located at the west of the town.  Aside from the lake, though, Mooresville has a number of other attractions, including several parks where people can go to rest, relax, or enjoy outdoor activities. Some of the other attractions in town include the War Memorial Building, the Ceramics House, the Mooresville Golf Club, the Universal Technical Institute, and the Mooresville Public Library.

Mooresville Real Estate and Homes - Other Interesting Information

Mooresville has its own school system, which is called the Mooresville Graded School System. Aside from this system, though, the town is also part of the Iredell-Statesville School System.  Iredell's neighboring counties, Mecklenburg and Gaston, also have some great schools that students can attend. The town is also moving towards an economy and business-sector that is more centered on technology, especially since so many NASCAR teams are located in Mooresville.

Mooresville Real Estate and Homes

There is a lot to like about Mooresville. As growth and development continue to progress in the area, it is likely that Mooresville will continue to attract people from all around the world.  Mooresville Real Estate are a great choice for anyone who is planning to move into the Charlotte metropolitan area.