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Keller Williams Ballantyne Area
MLS# 3148006 | Active

Price: $729,900
18600 Hammock Lane Davidson, NC 28036
4 bedroom, 4.2 bath • 4734 sqft
Neighborhood: River Run
Allen Tate Company
MLS# 3144308 | Active

Price: $729,000
13408 Robert Walker Drive Davidson, NC 28036
4 bedroom, 3.1 bath • 3971 sqft
Neighborhood: River Run
RE/MAX Metro Realty
MLS# 3144959 | Active

Price: $939,000
18915 Riverwest Court Davidson, NC 28036
5 bedroom, 5.2 bath • 3735 sqft
Neighborhood: River Run
Touchberry Properties LLC
MLS# 3132032 | Active

Price: $695,000
911 Naples Drive Davidson, NC 28036
4 bedroom, 5.1 bath • 4280 sqft
Neighborhood: Davidson Bay
Carlyle Properties
MLS# 3102610 | Active

Price: $899,000
18512 Green Knoll Trace Davidson, NC 28036
5 bedroom, 5.1 bath • 5681 sqft
Neighborhood: River Run
BSI Builder Services
MLS# 3066237 | Under Contract

Price: $744,900
18003 Shearer Road Davidson, NC 28036
4 bedroom, 3.1 bath • 3956 sqft
Neighborhood: River Run
BSI Builder Services
MLS# 3096220 | Under Contract

Price: $699,900
18508 Dembridge Drive Davidson, NC 28036
5 bedroom, 4 bath • 3977 sqft
Neighborhood: River Run
Lake Norman Realty, Inc.
MLS# 3125238 | Active

Price: $760,000
18019 Shearer Road Davidson, NC 28036
4 bedroom, 4 bath • 3769 sqft
Neighborhood: River Run

Davidson Real Estate

Welcome to Davidson Real Estate and Homes.  If you are looking for more information on Davidson Neighborhoods then you have found the right web site.  If you are looking for generation information on what Charlotte has to offer please visit our main site on Charlotte Real Estate.

The town of Davidson sits upon a relatively small piece of North Carolina territory that measures a little over five square miles.  Davidson, North Carolina is located at the northern-most tip of Mecklenburg county, crossing county borders into Iredell County as well.  Development in Mecklenburg has prompted growth of the areas around Charlotte, which is in the heart of Mecklenburg, and is the largest and busiest city in North Carolina.  Davidson has increased in value due to the town's proximity with Charlotte.

What Makes Davidson, NC Special?

One of the benefits of living in Davidson is that most of the properties are located near parks and other recreational areas.  The advantage of being so close to such areas is that adults and children alike have a lot of room for outdoors activities.  Aside from its proximity to Charlotte, Davidson is quite accessible because of the North Carolina Highway 73, which crosses into Mecklenburg County.

Davidson Real Estate and Homes – History 

Davidson has a relatively unique history that began during the 1830s, when a Presbyterian committee founded Davidson College.  Since the institution was founded, people began leasing land from Davidson College to start small businesses.  At that time, many of the areas in and around Davidson College were rural areas that were mainly occupied by farms and plantations.  In 1879, Davidson College was incorporated and approximately 12 years later, the town's name was changed to Davidson. As the town continued to develop and more businesses and residents came to the area, infrastructure was slowly improved, bringing in utilities and transportation solutions to increase productivity and development in the area.
Throughout the 1900s, Davidson continued to develop its infrastructure, economy, and quality of life.  One of the main issues that proved persistent in the 1900s was racism and segregation.  A number of protests and uprisings regarding discrimination took place in Davidson.  Even though there were a number of businesses and schools run by and catering to African Americans in Davidson, much of the town remained segregated.  It was not until the 1960s that steps towards integration were pursued.
Since the 1990s, Davidson has concentrated on development within the area.  Aside from revamping the community center in the 90s, many other projects were focused on the development and improvement of the town of Davidson.  Today, the population of Davidson is on a steady increase, with an approximated population growth of around 7% between 2000 and 2007. The town of Davidson continues to focus on development today, but the town and its residents are also intent on preserving the town's identity and close-knit community.

Davidson Real Estate and Homes - Landmarks and Attractions

Throughout its history, Davidson has grown into a desirable place to live for singles, families, or couples of all ages.  Lake Norman offers a great place for people to relax and enjoy, while also improving the value of Davidson Real Estate with waterfront properties. There are even a number of trails for people to use for biking, walking, or hiking.

Davidson Real Estate and Homes - Other Interesting Information

Davidson actually owes its beginnings to an educational institution, Davidson College. The college still stands today and it serves as the only institution that provides tertiary education in Davidson. Since the founding of the town, however, many other schools have been founded in Davidson, which have helped increase the value of Davidson Real Estate and homes.
While Davidson is steadily developing, the town is also adamant about keeping parks and recreational areas available to residents and visitors.  One of the things that Davidson residents are proud of is having a close-knit society.  As such, the town has numerous projects that seek to help people learn about Davidson, its people, its culture, and its community in general. Here are some of the community projects in Davidson:

        * Civics 101 – focused on helping people learn about Davidson and its municipal government
        * Plan for Public Art – encourages residents to create, appreciate, and support the town's art scene
        * Davidson READS – a community-wide book club that aims to get the community talking about a certain book

Davidson Real Estate and Homes

With the increased development in Davidson and the cities surrounding it, people from around the state, the country, and the world are coming to settle in this small town.  With all that the town has to offer, Davidson Real Estate and homes can be well worth it.  Not only do Davidson residents get adequate services and amenities, but they can also enjoy those offered by nearby cities, such as Charlotte.

If you would like to live near Charlotte and enjoy a small college atmosphere then
Davidson might be the right place for you!