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The city of Charlotte is located in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Charlotte has grown to be largest city in North Carolina and is the 19th largest city in the country. As one of the largest cities in America, one might think that Charlotte real estate and homes are hard to come by. But to the surprise of many home buyers and real estate investors, Charlotte real estate and homes prices have been steadily falling, encouraging further growth in the city. In 2008, the city was even dubbed one of the best places to live and set-up business. Read on to learn more about Charlotte city and Charlotte Real Estate and homes.

What makes Charlotte, NC Special?

Charlotte is a prime distribution center because of its central location. Its interstate highways, I-85 and I-77, also made the city a focal point of transportation. I-485, which is about to cover 108 kilometers, will be open to traffic to serve as the beltway around the city. Roads and highways make the city highly accessible to different cities and states, with I-277 that circles around Uptown Charlotte and Charlotte Route 4 that connects major roads between I-277 and I-485. Charlotte's intercity rail, mass transit system, and air flights through Charlotte/Douglas International Airport also made the city an ideal residential area and business location.

Charlotte Real Estate and Homes – History

Before the city of Charlotte came about, its territory was mainly grounds for trading routes. The trading paths of Native Americans ran North to South and East to West through the territory that is now Charlotte. The fact that two rivers, the Catawba and Yadkin, ran through the area made it accessible and ideal for the trading routes. In fact, in 1755, the first house built in the area was built at the intersection of the trading routes. As the area became busier and traders began to frequent the trading routes, more people settled-in and the community was officially declared “Charlotte Town” in 1768.

In 1775, the year the American Revolutionary War began, Charlotteans fought for their own independence from British rule. The people of Charlotte convened to compose the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence and the Mecklenburg Resolves. Basically, the Mecklenburg Resolves was created as the laws for an independent Charlotte. As the Revolutionary War got into full swing, Charlotteans would make a strong stand against British troops, earning the name the “Hornet's Nest” as coined by Lord General Charles Cornwallis. In fact, the NBA franchise formerly based in Charlotte was known as the “Charlotte Hornets.”

Throughout the 1800s, much of the action in and around Charlotte was caused by a gold rush, which began when gold was discovered in a nearby county. While not much gold was found in Charlotte in comparison to the California Gold Rush, many people were attracted to the area and the 1880 Census registered over 7,000 people in Charlotte. As the Civil War and World War I came around, Charlotte continued to develop into a larger city with a strong economy. Since the 1970s, Charlotte's economy grew, largely as a result of the city's booming banking industry. Today, Charlotte is one of the largest cities in the nation with a population of over 670,000 as of 2007.

Charlotte Real Estate and Homes – Landmarks and Attractions

Numerous landmarks around the city of Charlotte stand as testaments to the fight for independence that Charlotteans and thousands of other Americans fought for in the Revolutionary War. Places such as Independence High School, Freedom Park, and Independence Boulevard are all landmarks that date back to the American Revolutionary War. Another interesting landmark in Charlotte is the east-west Native American trading path, which is known today as Trade Street. North Carolina's first museum, the Mint Museum of Art, was established in a Charlotte building where the Charlotte Mint operated during the gold rush. There are many other landmarks in and around the city that all help to enrich the value of Charlotte Real Estate and homes.

Being one of the country's largest and busiest cities, Charlotte does not only attract a lot of residents, but the city also brings in a good number of tourists and passers-by. As such, there are many establishments, companies, and events meant to provide entertainment and amusement to those in and around the city. Here are some of the different forms of entertainment and attractions that can be found in Charlotte:

* Sports fans can enjoy watching Charlotte-based teams like the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats, NFL's Carolina Panthers, NASCAR and PGA are also popular sports associations that operate Charlotte.

* Special events, festivals, and seasonal events are also commonly celebrated in Charlotte

* Carowinds theme park and water park, Carolina Raptor Center zoo, and NarroWay Theatre & Conference Center, are some of the family-friendly entertainment centers.

Charlotte Real Estate and Homes – Education

Here are some important information on education and the educational institutions in Charlotte, North Carolina as of 2008:

* There are over 160 elementary, middle, and high schools in Charlotte.

* Charter public schools, secular private schools, and religious private schools are also common in the city.

* The northeastern part of Charlotte is referred to as University City, because of the numerous universities and colleges in the area, such as the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

* Other universities in Charlotte are the Johnson C. Smith University, Johnson & Wales University, and Queens University of Charlotte.

Charlotte Real Estate and Homes – Other Interesting Information

In 2008, Charlotte was deemed as one of the best places to live and start a new business. Even for those who are not looking to start a business, there are a number of highly successful companies that have their headquarters in Charlotte, including nine Fortune 500 companies. One of the industries that has took-off in Charlotte is the motorsports industry. With the great business opportunities and the continued development in the city, buying Charlotte Real Estate and homes may just be the right move for people who are considering moving to a major city.

Charlotte Real Estate and Homes

Charlotte Real Estate and homes are ideal because of the economic success in the city. As one of the busiest cities, Charlotte has modern conveniences and a number of attractions for tourists and families. Charlotte Real Estate and homes are ideal places for raising a family or building a home because of its accessibility to major highways and roads as well as the city's potential for business growth.